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  • current income through quarterly cash distributions from the operating profits of the apartment community
  • capital appreciation from the sale of the apartment community in 3 to 5 years
  • inflation protection
  • potential tax benefits from limited tax-deferral and capital gains
  • diversification of  your investment portfolio

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Atlanta, Georgia

Roberts Properties, Inc. Multifamily Investing 


An investment in apartments can provide you - our Investors - with a stable, income producing, direct real estate investment that may be a valuable tool in your asset allocation plan to help reduce volatility and enhance returns in your investment portfolio. Real estate investing typically demonstrates a low correlation with investment returns of common stock and fixed income investments. An investment in apartments can also provide good retirement investing allowing for inflation protection given that apartment leasing agreements are normally one year in length and investors generally benefit from rising rents that result from inflation. We seek to furnish our investors with an alternative investment that has the potential to provide you with the following benefits: